Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How google+ can fool you that your blogs rank has increased

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Google plus Yesterday I had google plused on of my blogs in ipad 4 niche. And I went to the search engine and typed ipad 3 news blog and my site was standing there. I thought that my site was ranking for the key word and became very happy. Then I came today and typed the same key words only to see that it was not there. Then I logged into my account and wrote a post on that blog and for no reason I typed into google best ipad 3 case again my site was there. Yeah! You might have guessed it right I was happy. I logged out and again searched and my blog was not ranking for the key word. So I researched about this in google and found out this.
1)    When you google + a page google in future search results show that blog to you but only if you are logged in.

2)    Google+ is better than backlink’s because it recommends pages from the site for a particular niche if someone has +’ed it.And I also found out that if there is more than 50+’s your site will be shown even in other peoples search even though they have not +’ed it.So go out there do a contest where they should plus one. And enjoy good amount of traffic to your blog.

Image credits: googleplusicon by cyclelicious

Did you get fooled by google plus? Do you use google plus? Or just found out some tweaks which can be done with google plus? Then leave it down in the comments section

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