Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to make money with pinterest

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Make money with pinterest 

This days there has been news emerging from all over the internet that one homo-sapien ( Human for short ) has been making 1000’s of dollar’s everyday but none of them reveal how he did it. Even that man who claimed that he made 1000 dollar a day is telling us humans that it was just a prank. Just a big joke… At first I believed that news until my friend showed me how he makes money and he claimed that he is using pinterest to do it and another secret tool.
Make money with pinterest

Enter my friend ( name hidden for privacy reasons ).

From the time I heard that you can make money online I always wanted to make money. So I tried article writing and blog making but I failed. I was bored and I came across pinterest. I had nothing to do and I joined it. And I started promoting amazon products. But I was not getting any commissions. Then I heard how pinterest converts all the affiliate links from amazon. I started to wonder how can I fool the system and I came across this.

Viral url… cloaking since who knows when ( not real motto )…

First I joined because my friend told about making money with list. So I researched how to build list etc. I came across this and I joined. There I found a way of cloaking my precious links.

<--Click me

So I came back to pinterst used viral url to cloak my links and voila you can now promote  your products and pinterest could do nothing about it. I made lot of money with that.
But you can make more money than that. I had many problems like paypal, school etc but for a 1 minute work that’s a lot of money. You can certainly make more than 1000. I made less than 20$ a week because I have exams, tests etc.

So what are you waiting for join viral url. Join pinterest, and I am also making a book which will tell you more insider secrets so you might want to join my friends ( me ) list also…

So best of luck… and have a good summer…
And this is Top Secret Information it is ment to be leaked and shared..

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Image credits: $5700 photo by Amagil, Viral url via viral url

I don’t know much about this but I have seen many posts putting this so I am also putting.

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