Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top 7 sites for getting your articles written

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Top 7 article writing services. Top ten sites where you can get paid to write articles.

Are you a writer or are you looking for articles to be written for you? we have listed here top 10 sites where you can get your articles written or write articles and earn some money.
1) iwriter
For people who want it written ( FP) : iwriter is one of the best article writing service on the net. The quality of articles are one of the best and is good enough for publishing it in magazines. But not all on i writers are good some are not good at all but top rated writers are the best. In iwriters you can accept your article or reject it.
For writers: If you are new but write good articles then this a site to join. When you become a top rated writer you get paid high even some times 20$.

FP: Here you can hire people for long term to write articles for your blog. Some are good writers and some suck. Go for free lancer if you are hiring them for many blog posts.
FW: This is one of the best place for writers you can get hired for long term and get paid good. If you are  
writing for good big blogs and your writing is good then you can become a premium writer and charge more i.e if you write good.

3) Elance
FP: Alternative to free lancer but never tried this site. People say its better than elance.
FW: Pay's good

FP: Guru is another site to find good content writers. Writers at guru are good and communicate well.
FW: May pay good.

5) Odesk
FP: Odesk is also good for getting content writers but I have not used it.
FW: Pays good.

6) Fiverr
FP: Quality in fiverr sucks. Most of them are spinned and not of good quality.
FW: My good it pays well. Fiverr is a place where most of the newbies come to get there articles written. You can get 4$ for a 500 word article that is more than some of the other sites above.

FP: New site to be tested yet.
FW: New site you keep all the commissions. Earn 10$ for a gig.

So which one is best
For people who want there article's written Iwriters is the best. For people who want to earn from there low quality articles ficverr is the best. If you write good then sign up for all the freelancing sites and Iwriters.

So did you get your articles written? Which site did you use? How was the quality?
Are you an article writer? From which site did you make more money? Which site do you think is best for writers? Did you find any better sites than the sites listed above? Then leave it down in the comments section!

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